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From Bandcamp:
  "Curiosity is what I miss the most from childhood years. By being constantly curious we keep discovering new things, we focus on the best ones and carry them forever during our life. The more we discover the more we enrich our mind and shape our personality. Through reading a book with a funny cover found on the street or listening to some cd’s stored in a dusty box we can start a passion that will last forever. With 'Rescript', I try to get back that curiosity into my life: all the problems in life disappear, I am now free to use that cultural baggage that I carried with myself for long time but never truly opened.

  These 4 tracks show where I culturally come from and where I am heading to: from clubbing and raving in Rome in the early 2000, exploring the London underground bass music scene during my 20’s till finally moving to Berlin and opening up to its techno state of mind. The old script is now replaced with something that unties myself from a specific genre and makes me curious about what could happen if I mix all the sonic ingredients that are stored in my mind."

Released July 28, 2022 on YUKU
From Bandcamp:
  "E-Saggila's latest release for Northern Electronics, Blaze, is a buoyant expedition into the abyssal depths of aesthetic shock-outs and scorched rhythms. Treading lightly through a range of tempos and airs, each track deftly leans into measured bouts of whiplash and recoil with affective consequence."

Released June 27, 2022 on Northern Electronics
From Bandcamp:
  "Following on our first EP, ‘Collisions’, we wanted to explore the use of modular synths, and also hardware, in more depth. Exordium was crafted from countless modular jams, passed back and forth between London and Liege, and polished into a piece of work that captures our love for club music, with an experimental edge. We wanted to get out for a moment from the 170 which we are a bit more known for. Hopefully you will enjoy this exploration into our shared sound and influences as much as we enjoyed creating it."

Released May 18, 2021 on YUKU
From Bandcamp:
   "Following a string of acclaimed EPs, Glaskin are proud to unveil their highly anticipated debut album Klaftertief, due November 12th via their own YAEL Trip imprint.

   With Klaftertief, the brothers expand on the sonic world they have built for themselves to present a vast project without boundaries. The title refers to an old German word for a deep hole in the ground that is believed to be infinite – as such, the scope of their inspiration is open-ended."

Released November 12, 2021 on YAEL TRIP
From Bandcamp:
   "A year has passed since Cyan85 first graced the VOITAX catalogue with his successful summer debut EP - »Bay Of Sampieri«. His dreamy pads, avant-garde take on retro arpeggios and slamming 808 beats have been continuously conquering our ears ever since, making him a young talent to watch within the electro circuit.

  He now returns to the imprint with his very first album – "Lucid Intervals", demonstrating his knack for crafting ambitious pieces to establish himself as a respected producer. The LP aims to explore a variety of dystopian atmospheres and energies throughout nine infectious and carefully crafted tracks that build on electro’s rich heritage without failing to infuse it with Cyan85’s very own remarkable, dreamy electronic signature."

Released August 10, 2020 on Voitax
From Instagram:
  "Originally from Miami and now based in New York, Alonzo has previously released on W.T. Records, Zement, RotterHague, Phormix, Kraftjerkz, and Lost Soul Enterprises. He's also known as Lithium Parasites alongside bandmate, Vidrio. Alonzo's uncompromising approach draws influence from bleak urban landscapes, old city ruins, kinematics and all things bass which he finely represents across these 8 new tracks."

Released June 20, 2022 on Cultivated Electronics
From Bandcamp:
  "FBi and triple j radio host, co-founder of NECTAR, ‘Pure Space’ label boss, DJ and Producer - Andy Garvey is a leading force in the Australian scene. Following her debut EP in 2019, we are delighted to have her releasing again on Lobster Theremin. Garvey brings machine funk, acid alchemy and tripped out explorations to LT UNDR with the excellent ‘Complex Clarity’ EP.

   ‘Red Stars’ is a safari through mind-warping levels of cosmic funk and tangy acid lines, slipping into the pacey yet melancholic space-jam, ‘Mind Games’. Next, laid-back track, ‘Sub.conscious’, is a slo-mo, dream-powered cruise through the vortex. On the B-side, ‘8808808.08’ ramps it up a notch - glitchy, omnimous, body music permeates the airwaves. Finally, chuggy ‘Complex Clarity’ rounds out the EP with Garvey’s signature sound - deeply mesmerising with a hint of nostalgia."

Released March 27, 2020 on Lobster Theremin
From Bandcamp:
  "For the past several years Ravitz has been keeping up his production of house and techno music via different outfits like Inhalants, Masks, or Pulpo and most notably Patricia with his last year’s release – an epic 3LP record – ‘Several Shades of the Same Color’. His recent effort called ‘Free Lunch’ explores one of the directions presented on the album, however this time adding more color in the palette.

   Continuing to tool and retool his modular synth rack, on ‘Free Lunch’ Ravitz produces energetic electro tracks that show a shift from the familiar hazy murkiness to a fairly present sound and almost song-like writing that introduces layered melodies, acid grooves and luscious pointillism. ‘Your Battery Is Leaking’ is a groovy electro track with sizzling hi-hats, grimy bass tune and a lot of acid, while ‘Consumer Recreation Services’ is a heady trip of restless arpeggios and melting synths. ‘Placeholder’ combines the ingredients of the first two tracks and ‘Early Stages of Something’ brings back the grimy bass and lively groove. Finally ‘Winnipeg’ is the perfect closer returning to layered synth melodies and syncopated bass that brings back the feel of ‘I Know The Face, But Not The Name’ from his last album."

Released August 30, 2018 on NONA
From Bandcamp:
  "Surfing on the crest of a whirlwind year, Animistic Beliefs are releasing their 8- track debut album Mindset:Reset on the inimitable SolarOneMusic. The duo has utilized their bespoke setup and expansive list of influences to create a contemporary electro record."

Released September 24, 2019 on SolarOne